camera mapping

Motalko was the very first project where we've used the technique called camera mapping. The director of the movie – Attila Kékesi – asked me to create something “interesting” with a bunch of old photographs to show them in his new documentary. So, we tried this and finally came out more than 30 videos where the two dimensional images was turned into three dimensional animations. It was a real unexpected success and it received a lot of likes and comments - we can proudly say that we've received Vimeo's Staff Pick pledge as well.

This popularity resulted in a lot of new projects. We collaborated with international film studios, television companies and production houses. We've got fantastic pictures and the finished animations - referring to others opinion - were also remarkable. You can check out a selection here:

The process of the camera mapping can be really challenging. Most of the photos are transformable to 3D, but the result could be very different depending on the content and complexity of the image. Sometimes the photo is old, a real antique piece, and the first step is to restore its original condition.


Another common problem is the orientation of the picture. If the original composition is portrait type we have two choices. The video formats use the landscape orientation so the first option is to crop the photo and loose the upper and lower third of the content.


Or the second choice is to extend the image. During this magical process we imagine the world beyond the frame of the picture and build it up using third party sources.


So we build up the scene in 3D. Thus we can even render the stereoscopic version of any image, which is great.


In most of the cases we have to work on archives. However it also happened a couple of times that the source images were created directly for this effect. We've got chance to participate in the image creation process and in the post processing works, thus we could work on ideal images for this technique like in case of the Saco commercial which was created in collaboration with Wonderful Production.

After more than one hundred camera mapped image we are able to transform any kind of images, photos or even drawings to three dimensional animation. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need some.