architectural mapping

This animation on the mausoleum of Romkert was one of the most complex architectural mappings we ever did. The fantastic music of László Pirisi and the ancient landmark inspired us to explore new techniques and styles.

The back wall of the Basilica was a huge surface that we changed with our animation into a magnificent screen.

The Christmas calendar animation was screened on each weekend of the advent period in 2016. We added new scenes week by week made it more exciting as we headed to 24 of December. This animation was projected to a corner of a building offering the possibility to create a three dimensional illusion of the opening building.

We were chosen in our home town to create architectural mapping video for the Royal Days. It is an annual event in the city. The topic of these days is historical and based on the chronicle of our nation. We used the ancient pages of the book, revised and extended its drawings. The video was presented every night between 17-22 aug. 2015.